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  • Somewhere for our friends in the Vintage Cessna fraternity to meet and chat.
Somewhere for our friends in the Vintage Cessna fraternity to meet and chat.

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 #5542  by Nige
 Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:00 am
Hi Guys,

Are any of you interested in another Luscombe/Cessna meet over lunch and evening at Sywell in the late spring of 2011? It would run on similar lines to the event I staged at Sywell in 2009 with a lunch meet not too far from Sywell and cumulating in a fine dinner and drinks in the restaurant and bar at Sywell, with the hotel or camping very handy, nearby.

A shield for the best Cessna, judged by the luscombe 'boys' and one for the best Luscombe, judged by the Cessna 'boys' would be presented over dinner. :D I believe Sywell offers a good geographical location, along with 'keeping it simple' with parking/ accommodation /and toilet facilities on site, removing the need for taxies etc.

Anyway, I'll try to email a few more of you with the hope of putting the word out for a possible event around April/early May.

Let me know what you chaps and lasses think?

 #5544  by Nige
 Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:03 pm
Indeed Rich,

I'm hoping to speak to Mike Fowler with a view of suggesting the Tour in June, to which, I hope, a few of the Cessna 'boys' will join us. I need to free up April, and importantly, that early week in May.

 #5573  by Nige
 Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:03 am
Working on it Andy.. It will almost certainly be either the 24/25th April or the 1st/2nd of May.

Hoping to make Sun n Fun also, mabye see you there Andy! {only the Sunday}

Will let you know how this developes. I think the last one was a good success.