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  • Humourous and interesting stories, including reports on any events you may have organised or visited.
Humourous and interesting stories, including reports on any events you may have organised or visited.

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 #9676  by Annabel
 Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:06 pm
Hi all,

Although I left Old Sarum a while ago, I took this event series with me and they are still taking place. They are now being hosted/organised by the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection (BDAC)... and I'm working as a BDAC volunteer to look after them. Basically, nothing has changed!

Vintage Sundays are for vintage and classic cars, motorbikes and aircraft. The next few dates are:

3 September
1 October
5 November
3 December

These free events take place on the first Sunday of every month (except August). They're for anyone who wants to fly in, but there are free landings for pre-1960 aircraft. If you have a vintage or classic car or motorbike, there is a dedicated parking area outside the BDAC. No booking necessary, just turn up!

- Free
- Arrivals from 10am
- Free landings at Old Sarum for all aircraft registered before 1960.
- Reduced entry (£5) to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection for pilots and passengers of pre-1960 aircraft, and drivers/riders/passengers of classic and vintage cars and motorbikes.

On arrival, please follow the signs and look out for marshals who will direct you to a dedicated parking area.

Cars and motorbikes must not enter the active airfield.

(Thank you to Old Sarum Airfield and Clarke Instruments Limited for their support of this event!)

Please share widely - it's a really nice event and we've had some interesting machines turn up.
 #9679  by Nige
 Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:57 am
Fabulous Annabel and thank you. Will hope to be there in BRUG.
Otherwise OldSarum has become my second home due training into there from BOH!
Always wanted to visit the museum.
Did you manage to save your car in the end?

 #9680  by Annabel
 Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:25 pm
It will be good to see you - must be six months... And you will LOVE the museum. There are so many cockpits to climb into, flick switches and make engine noises. Or is that just me who does that? :oops:

Yes! The MG has finally risen from the ashes and I got it back a fortnight ago. Just over 6 months after the fire. It's running beautifully and looks fantastic. It will be there next Sunday, in the flesh. Come and admire it... I'll be gutted if you don't; cost me a bloody fortune that I could have spent on Avgas.