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  • Humourous and interesting stories, including reports on any events you may have organised or visited.
Humourous and interesting stories, including reports on any events you may have organised or visited.

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 #9121  by Nige
 Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:22 pm
wow! What an occasion! 70 yeas old!
As many of you Luscombes owners and friends are cordially invited to get together for a party celebrating Brug's (and others close enough to their 70th!) Birthday party at SYWELL over the 23/24th of JULY.
This is the only date that fits in without being affected by most other events and the hotel has vacancies, around 20 (on the 11th April). It also allows us time to book time off.
The dedicated line area is now confirmed with Goeff alongside the carpark as in the past. The bar and restaurant are spitting distance from the hotel and camping area. Restrooms are available for campers as usual.
A surprise fly out for lunch will depart around 11am on the Sunday.
No idea how many of you want to join in but I will there anyway! :cheers2:
This will be the master thread regarding the event but I will leave the other in 'General' for the moment.
I know some won't be able to make it and the location may not please some however it is central and that, along with the local overnight facilities, are a good compromise. I will stick something in the press shortly.
Let me know if you are interested in order to give me an impression of numbers please? I suspect there will be a reduced menu to help the Chef as has happened on the past occasions. (there is a function on elsewhere) This could be the last big Luscombe event for some time - certainly one that I am organising. Thanks.

 #9123  by Nige
 Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:08 pm
Further updates..
I have booked a room for the night of the 23rd. It £69.00 incl B'fast. The number of the Aviator hotel is 01604 642111. I suggest you book earlier than later due to there only being 19 rooms left as of the 11April!
Other owners of types who are Luscombe friends are most welcome join us. I need to know numbers though!! :shock:

 #9124  by Florian
 Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:43 pm
Hi Nige,

like I wrote in the other thread, I will do what must be done to attend. :drink1:

I assume Sywell is Northampton EGBK. Is there any reason you use the second name of the airport?

Btw, my UK chart arrived and I am getting confused. There are so many depicted airspaces that I wonder for which I would need a clearance in the first place and how to find out where to get it. Is there any training material available or so? Another thing I'm struggling with is the ATZ. I understand that this is controlled airspace and responsible is AFIS? I mean, doesn't AFIS stands for Aerodrome Flight Information Service? :scratch: Somebody please help me out.

And you see, our politicians harmonize the hack out of each other and here I am trying to fly through Europe and just recognizing that every country is using their own "additions" to the rules. :wall: Guys in Brussels and Strasbourg, just leave everything like it was before your "improvements! :sign3:

 #9125  by Nige
 Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:26 pm
Hi Florian, I hope you can make it.
Keeping it simple, if you are approaching anything that has a circle or stripes through it and it's not too far to go around it then do so. If not, then find the frequency and call 10 mins (at Luscombe speeds) before that boundary. We have TOOOOO much controlled airspace to enjoy yourself around the Midlands and particularly in the South/SE! If in doubt call London info on 124.75 and they will help you. Check the dimensions of the ATZ if flying over or around it. ( Flying in France though, is just Bliss.... Sigh..:? )
Oh! And check those nasty NOTAMS that we all love! Much more going on in Summer.You'll be fine, just 'wiggle' round them - keeps like easier... :scratch:
I generally fly around at 1300 feet and try to keep out of all the that traffic crap and stay at odd numbers if you fly higher : 1700/2300 feet etc... Cheers.

 #9126  by Florian
 Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:33 pm
Thanks for that, Nige. And by the way, I'm not coming alone. Check out my blog.
 #9127  by Nige
 Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:21 am
Hugo looks quite at home Florian! :) myself and Steph will fall in love with him we are sure! Looks a cheeky thing.. I hope we can all give him a pat! Luscombe looks lovely also.

Further to the event. Many have booked rooms already and, as of the 12 April, there are around a dozen left. We now have 6 Luscombes and 14 people attending so far..

 #9131  by Steve Martin
 Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:16 am
Hi Florian,

You were asking about a route to Sywell (EGBK). I have flown from Bohmte(EDXD) and Damme(EDWC) a number of times and usually routed direct to Nijmegen Bridge then to Midden Zeeland(EHMZ) for lunch, then south inland dodging Koksijde(EBFN) to somewhere near Calais, and then across the channel to Lashenden/Headcorn (EGKH). After that up to Rochester (EGTO) or Stapleford (EGSG), then dodge between Stanstead and Luton airspace and on to Sywell. You may want to stop at Old Warden (EGTH) and look at their superb aircraft museum on the way.

I have also done the N Sea crossing Texel to Cromer but didnt much like the long sea crossing ! :shock:

Hope that helps...and look forward to seeing you and your friends at Sywell in July.

 #9132  by Florian
 Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:11 pm
Thanks for that, Steve!

That was pretty much my idea to go. I don't like to got over water to far because I've never done it before and even if some people here don't like to here it, I don't trust my Luscombe to far. Until now she ran fine except for a broken tach shaft but since I fly her for just a year now, I am not convinced enough for flights were I can't see the coastline. :wink:

What I was wondering about is the amount of airspaces depicted on the UK charts and their naming. For example, if I see LTMA (A) 2500'+, I assume that is a class A airspace and I would need to get a clearance for it? If so, is there any way to find out who to call? In Germany with every airspace we have a label station callsign and freq of the responsible controller. I also assume that this airspace is meant to start at 2500 ft MSL and goes above the Luscombes service ceiling.

If in doubt and enroute, I would try London Information to get the right person on the mike or could this spell disaster?

All that might look like a beginners concern and in fact, this will be my first international flight and I just don't want to mess it all up even if it might be an excitement to get a close watch on an EUFI. :roll:

I grew up in the area where I fly now and got lots of experience flying with my parents so that I know most of the airspace from memory by now. Also I did my flight training in Tennessee where clearance required airspaces are at least 100nm apart. And now I start to figure out that the London terminal area is a bit different...
 #9133  by Keith Old
 Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:59 pm
Florian , do what I do and Nige suggest. In SE England I fly at 1750ft.. that way you are below most other fixed wing traffic and above low helicopters.
The busy looking airspace is not as bad as it looks at that height.
If it were me , I'd plan to keep the Channel Crossing as short of possible ie Calais - Folkestone ( don't stop and offer anybody a lift ...)
Avoid ( ie fly around ) London Heathrow and London eats past City Airport. Avoid Gatwick , Stansted .and Luton ( easy to do )
I am sure that if you plan what you think is a route you can do , if you post it here on the Luscombe site , somebody can take you trhough it and advise what are the most appropriate actions / radi calls etc to make
 #9134  by AndyClarke
 Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:36 pm
I'm booked in with G-AGMI, though depending on work I might not get there until late pm.
Florian - if you haven't done it download 'skydemon light' (or the full version if you want to pay) it will help with your flight planning. Headcorn is a good first stop in the UK - I might be able to meet you there!
 #9135  by Nige
 Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:44 pm
Good to see the Luscombe 'lads' providing support! :) thanks Andy.
There are a half a dozen rooms now left at the Aviator, SYWELL, as of the 15th April. There is accommodation nearby should the Avaiator fill up shortly which will require a short taxi ride.
We now have 20 people going, not bad going as I only posted and txt'd this a few days ago! :shock: must be way overdue...
I suspect there will be a limited menu in order to help the Chef out who is also cooking for a function, housed in the adjacent function room. This has worked well in the past; offering a choice of 3/4 mains and a couple of starters. I'll keep everyone posted regarding this but I will need to know if there are any vegetarians a couple of weeks before the venue.
Not a lot more to say and will wait to see how many more 'Luscombeites' wish to party.
In order to help those with planning, and those who couldn't make the night, I will announce the next days earlyish lunch (dep SYWELL at 11am) destination soon. It won't be far in order to allow everyone to depart at sensible time to get home. Probably by mid afternoon.
 #9137  by Florian
 Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:48 pm
@ Keith:
I thnk you are right. It was my plan to refuel in Calais anyway and than go towards DOVER VOR for a short crossing. For the London airspace I plan to pass east of City towards LAM VOR and BPK and than squeezing in between Luton and Stanstad. As soon as I am clear of Luton airspace on the right I plan to go towards Sywell. To me it seem the most part of this the class A has bottoms of 2500 ft or higher. So yes, 1750ft sounds like a good idea.

@ Andy:
I am an android user and I have a pure German software VFRnav with has almost all European countries. That is not the problem. My point is that I just don't like to be a "DIRECTTO-pilot". As more as I know about an airspace before departure as easier it will be to navigate around it. In London just the shear amount of different "boxes" with designators I've never heard before confused me a bit.

@ Nige:
I called the hotel but unfortunately dogs are not allowed there. So we will try to set up tent next to the airplane.