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Ariel placement

PostPosted:Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:18 pm
by HTB
As BVGW begins to take shape again, I’m beginning to think about where or what we’re
going to need which will require the drilling of a hole in my lovely new skins.

At this point I know that my Transponder Ariel will fit underneath the aircraft around the rudder pedals, but haven’t yet decided where best to fit the Transceiver ariel - underneath or on top of the fuselage.

Today, for example, I think that underneath may also be the best spot, given it’s protected from the weather (at least when on the ground) and that most of my transmissions will be on, and approaching the circuit, where a better line of sight might be had to the ground station.... if it’s on top then I have much of the fuselage and wings to shield the transmission.

I’m definitely over thinking things, and either position is absolutely fine, but does anyone have a preferred spot for their antenna on their Luscombe...?