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Technical Chat Tips and Advice, including flying the Luscombe

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 #9719  by Keith Old
 Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:07 pm
Our Luscombe site seems a bit quiet of late , so I through I would stimulate a conversation around issues we all may have , or items to look out for
Our group aircraft GBSSA ( know as Septic Alpha) has had a few niggly issue the past few months with the exhaust not fitting well - the exhaust flanges were slightly out of alignment causing exhaust gaskets to blow and then the stack has movement . We have spent some time now re-working the flanges to get a better fit and hopefully solving the problem . We have stainless stacks which are quite heavy so that does not help
There is an old AD to check wheel hubs for cracks. It is a good idea that you do this . We had an outer wheel hub fail on us last year , and of course it gets more and more difficult ( not to say expensive ) to source parts
This week we have found a significant crack on one of the brake torque plates ( mechanical brakes) and I have a replacement part on the way from Doug Coombs
For our next project I have arranged for Owen Watts to rebuild SA's tail surfaces( stabiliser / fin) in February
My view is that we have know way of checking their interior condition - they may have been in place for all of her 70 years , so this is ongoing restoration to ensure we are safe and well maintained for some years to come. Owen tells me that most he sees show signs of age , usually powered deposits and often small cracks and poor repairs . Hopefully none looked likely to fail , a testament to their design