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 #9739  by Nige
 Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:30 pm
Hi all.
As a retired chappie with a reduced Monarch pension and doing a little Instruction from time ( which I enjoy but I have to cover my IR/IRI/CRI SEP/IMC rating renewals ), I am finding it increasingly difficult to run Brug as a sole owner.
I have, therefore reluctantly decided to allow Brug to be used as a useful 'tool' to convert a limited number of pilots onto Tailwheel in order to for her to pay her way. I only do a bare 30 hours a year in her and fuel, insurance and permit costs eat dearly into my other dear passions which also have a budget.
I would be grateful if the word could be passed around that a comprehensive Tailwheel or Luscombe conversion by myself will be available forthwith. I can also accommodate those at my home should that be necassary.
I have reasonable experience on the Luscombe ( over 2000 hours on her alone ) to pass onto anyone who is interested.
Should this not prove to be successful then she's likely to be up for sale next year, 2019 with a fresh Permit- 30 years has been a good run and many log books tell a fab time in her! I look forward to my time in her with friends this Summer of course. :)

 #9740  by Steve Martin
 Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:44 am
Hello All :lol: !
I did some re-training with Nige a couple of years ago in OB and found the experience very useful indeed. Nige has vast Luscombe experience and is a brilliant teacher. We did everything from looking at the LAA permit test flight schedule and flying it, to tightening up my short-field take offs and landings, as well as flying various close circuits, steep turns, side slips, PFLs, etc etc. It was a very worthwhile days flying.
 #9741  by HTB
 Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:01 am
I did drop you an email a couple of weeks ago Nige but I may have been a bit too nebulous and the timing too far off. Anyway will be looking to add tailwheel and some proper Luscombe time before GW is back in the air again so this would be perfect.

My plans have evolved somewhat in the last couple of weeks as I can see I'm potentially up against an April 8th deadline for licencing changes which could (will) impact my ratings addition if I don't move things forward in the next couple of months. Hoping to get the additional licence requirements sorted before April 8th - just trying to nail that down now, and then would be keen to see if we can make something work along the lines you suggest on BRUG.

 #9742  by Nige
 Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:13 pm
Ok, sound fine.
Email again if you'd be so kind and we can organise some dates. Others seems interested too.

Nige. Ps, I'm doing a lot of SSEA conversions as the deadline is looming - so I can relate to your sense of urgency!