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 #9357  by Keith Old
 Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:41 pm
Had a great little trip last week in brilliant sunshine to North Weald for £100 portion of egg n chips..
On the way, talking to Farnborough North , their radio transmitions were really poor/distorted. I thought it was my radio at fault and ask then for repeats - then 2 other aircraft came on to also say they were having difficulty hearing Farnborough.
On the way back out of N Weald I called Farnborough again for a "basic" service at 1500ft passing the Lea Valley only for them to come back and say my transponder mode C was showing 2500ft - a thousand foot higher than I actually was
I havn't had a chance to check on my Mode C with another station since
Anybody else had issues with F'boro - or is about time they invested in some new headsets and kit ...
 #9358  by AndyClarke
 Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:09 pm
It was rubbish in G-AGMI on our way to Sywell last year, basically unuseable north of Booker. Thought it was our kit.
 #9359  by Keith Old
 Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:49 am
From the feedback I have received , it appears that it has to do with 8.33 compliant radios ( which we have in SA)
"Farnborough North have, as stated, offset frequencies from different transmitters. It won't work properly if your radio is set to 8.33kHz, it has to be wideband receive.”
So THAT'S why my box 2 is intermittent with F'Boro while Box 1 (which is set to 25khz) works every time...

So if you are still using an older radio , I assume transmissions should be clear , but not so with the "new" 8.33 gear
Isn't progress wonderful
Also several people have had incorrect mode C readbacks from Fboro , so I won't worry too much about our kit...