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Miscellaneous Luscombe Discussions

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 #9237  by Nige
 Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:56 am
As you may of observed recently, the website crashed quite spectacturaly. It has taken time and my money to fix it. It is old and, although I am it's only moderator, it is indeed an endearing term - am I am barely 'moderate' in basic PC skills! This near loss of the site proves how vulnerable myself and the site are...
A quick background : the site was set up by Sally and myself 10 years ago and I set a up a standing order paying Hagen who since provides the Hosting only. The site has been an essential tool for keeping the Luscombes on the map in all ways. Not just in the UK but globally. I'm sure you agree.
Mike Cross came on board and was a great asset, along with Sally and myself. Things have moved on and I only still hold the fort now.
So, what is required to keep this wealth of history and technical information, along with continuing support of the Luscombe fraternity, albeit quieter, from now on? Money, enthusiam and a passion for Luscombes is the answer. Although retired from the Airlines, I am still active in the training role but, importantly, I am not skilful at resolving the technical issues with this site (and others at home!!). I have avoided asking for money and help since the sites inception as I managed to scratch along. We now need 2 more moderators. We need a means for guys and gals to pay for the the support for the Luscombe website and for it's upgrades as it now so desperately needs.. I would suggest a subscription of £15.00 annually? How this can be done is open to suggestions. A Treasurer would be a big advantage!
So, again, your thoughts and offers of help please? Imagine if we didn't have this site - it certainly beats pushing out a dedicated magazine 4 times a year??! :wall: I fear for it's future... Thanks.

 #9238  by Florian
 Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:25 am

first off all, it's good to have the side back running.

According to supporting you I suggest that you could open a bank account and ask for donations. Ironically I thought about supporting your affords a couple of days ago. I saved so much money in maintenance thanks to this community so far that it had become time to give something back.

Also I am a hobby programmer and do lot of IT development and administration in our local flying club. So if there is anything I might help you with you can contact me.

I mean in the end you are right that we should do everything possible to keep the community and with it the airplanes running.