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 #9189  by cpdavey2
 Tue May 31, 2016 8:58 pm
Hi Everybody, you may have wondered what has happened to G-EITE, now Steve is showing us his superb new aeroplane. 'TE is safely tucked away in a hangar at Henlow receiving some TLC in the tail department. Steve did a fantastic job on the wing spars, seats, engine etc. I just have to sort out a minor corrosion problem, though as you probably guessed from my posts in the technical section, getting the material for the repair right is causing a bit of head scratching. When she flew for the permit test last year my inspector was very complimentary. He says the engine pulls like the proverbial train and shows excellent compression on every cylinder using the proper testing equipment, "a credit to whoever overhauled it", I can't wait to get her in the air. As soon as we have the parts ready, Robin estimates a week to put everything back together. Henlow is a superb airfield for getting to grips with the Luscombe, acres of grass and more runways than you can shake a stick at. I hope to fly her to a gathering before this summer is over.


 #9191  by Nige
 Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:02 am
Morning Chris.
I hope Pete will have an answer for you re Alaclad etc. This info is already on the website.
Good luck with returning EITE back to the air. I hope you can join us at Brug's 70th Birthday party as others too will be celebrating theirs at SYWELL over the 23/24 July? :cheers2: