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 #9111  by agp
 Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:28 pm
Sad to see the picture in the Times of BSNE on it's back. Hope it hasn't suffered too much damage that a speedy return to the air can be effected.

 #9112  by Steve Martin
 Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:25 am
Yep, not a very nice sight. The winds were very fierce that night. I gather the Antanov at Popham also broke a tie-down and damaged a wing.
 #9113  by Mike Cross
 Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:41 am
You don't get rid of us that easily. Must have been very localised and exceptional. I gather one of the AN2's chain (!!!!) tiedowns snapped. I've seen them and they are substantial. A shed got reduced to matchwood and NE got flipped yet nearby aircraft and hangars were undamaged. I'm 4000 miles away but it looks like both wing tiedowns snapped at the same time, the tail one held and she went vertically up and over her tail to end up inverted and facing the opposite way. It must have been a particularly ferocious gust to simultaneosly snap both wing tiedown ropes.
 #9116  by Nige
 Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:40 am
Steph and myself were at Popham yesterday and the damage is awful I'm afraid.
One of the worst I've seen on a Luscombe with storm damage in the UK for a long time.
Sadly, the cabin is crushed by at least 3 inches when it hit inverted. Both wings, tailplane, rudder, fin, elevators and fusalge written off. Will take a lot of other spare sections from other Luscombes to get her into the air again. Fingers crossed parts of her will fly again.
The Antonov will require at least a new lower left wing. Parked in quite an exposed spot and she would fly easily, empty, at wind speeds of 80 miles an hour recorded nearby. Such a shame... :cry:

 #9136  by GARRY626
 Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:06 pm
Sad day,
Bumped into Nige and Steph today at Kemble who informed me of the damage to Bees Knees.
As one of the former custodians it was not easy to view the photos of her. My thoughts are with the current owners and live in hope that she can be returned to flight at some time in the future.

Trust all on the forum are well

 #9142  by Nige
 Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:49 am
Good to see you too Gary. Good luck with the RV and enjoy flying that quick beast!
As for BSNE, I've seen the wonders Owen and Mike Watts can do with Luscombes and I believe Owen is looking at what can be 'saved'... Who knows, sad times though... :cry:

 #9175  by PeterB
 Tue May 17, 2016 12:03 am
Fear not Luscombe friends. The news is not so bad.

I've been in touch with Owen Watts and BSNE has been recovered to his new workshop at Longwood. Owen has a commission from the insurers to return her to flying and I'd be confident that she'll be in the air again in the not too far distant future.

Owen's current project is a replacement wing with new spars for my G-AKUJ which was showing signs of corrosion. Owen has spars in stock and all the necessary jigs to rebuild wings and fuel tanks pretty much from new. Similarly, Owen is able to manufacture or otherwise obtain pretty much all other Luscombe parts. If you get a chance to look at his rebuild and restoration of G-BTCH now resident at Compton Abbas I think you will be impressed.

Owen has G-AJUK on the go for himself, G-BSNE for the insurers and enough parts to produce several more 'new' aircraft. Anyone else fancy returning a damaged Luscombe to the air? It won't be cheap, but it will be beautiful.

 #9176  by Nige
 Tue May 17, 2016 6:35 am
Great news Pete. He can work wonders that guy! " not too distant future" ? Wow! She looked pretty smashed up and I'd be surprised if NE is up in the air within a year. That would be something!
Are you interested in joining many of us at SYWELL to celebrate BRUG and others' 70th Birthday over the 23/24th July? Owen will be joining in and no doubt filling us in. Anyway, just a thought if you're free.