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 #9017  by finn
 Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:38 am
Hi all.
I just purchased a lovely Luscombe 8f. I've got about .5 hours on it so far (some taxiing and a circuit with the previous owner)- but expect to do serious check on type training shortly.
I've got a parts manual, a very short owner's manual, and a service manual. My AME has been over the plane with a fine toothed comb, and it's in compliance with every AD issued for the Silvaire, and has only 1423 hours on airframe and C90 engine. I'm pretty excited to start flying it.
I do NOT have any checklists whatsoever.
I've managed to glean some information on starting and stopping the aircraft, but I'd love some examples of checklists for pre-flight, in-flight, landing, etc.
It's a pretty simple machine- but I'm probably an even simpler pilot!
Any help with model checklists I could use as a starting point to help build my own would be very much appreciated!
 #9019  by Barry
 Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:41 am
Simple is always good! I've had good luck using CIGARTIP just before takeoff in my 8F:

C)ontrols-free and correct
I)nstruments-circuit breakers, switches, panel gauges
G)as-single tank, sufficient, timer running
A)ttitude- trim set for take off, stick back for taxi
R)un up. Includes carb heat and mag checks at 1700 rpm (not until temp shows an increase, usually five mins of idle and taxi or so.
T)ransponder-squawking vfr 1200
I)nterior-secure doors and windows, shoulder and waist straps tight, no loose items
P)ower-to go! Visual checks for traffic completed

And CGUMP just prior to landing:

C)arb heat- on
G)as- same as above
U)nder carriage- still attached and inflated
M)ixture- rich
P)ower- appropriate for phase of landing

Lots of variation to be found, if you have the stromburg carb the conventional wisdom is to shut down mag switch and then advance throttle fully as engine winds down. Mixture has no idle cut off. Also single tank operation only due to vent design. Carb heat to be applied at or below 1900 rpms.

I'll peek at my pre start check list next time at hangar but its simple too. Ive really enjoyed mine and know you will also!

 #9023  by Florian
 Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:15 pm
Hey finn,

I fly my 8E for this season know and adopted the C172 checklist from flight school for it. Feel free to use it. And if some of the Luscombe Pros has a tip to enhance it, I open for it.

 #9027  by finn
 Wed Oct 28, 2015 5:02 am
Thanks for the help guys... I found a checklist under the seat!
One difference between my 8F and others seems to be the fuel selector switch--- I just have a switch for each tank in the kick panel at the driver and passengers outside feet.
Flip em both off after shut down and both on before engine start.
No problems with running on both tanks.
I did have to use carb heat the other day... carb iced up on the back track to the active.
Fun plane to fly... I've always wanted one, and now I grin a lot.
Did notice that control harmony sort of off a bit. Rudder and Elevator very light, and ailerons quite heavy.
I was surprised to find that it flew like a larger airplane.
Folks were warning me that it's twichy etc., but of course, none of the hangar experts had ever actually flown one!
The brakes have been upgraded to disc, and they work just fine. Took me a flight and some taxiing to get used to the heel brakes, so that's kind of a non issue too.
Trim seems to be a bit wonky tho'.
May have to work on that. I run out of trim before I reach a good attitude for the final approach and have to hold it manually to get below 70mph.
Is that normal? My AME is flying it with a veteran Luscombe guy this week, and they're going to see if there's an issue with trim and or elevator travel.
All in all tho'.... Man I love this airplane.
Far more fun than my Tri-Pacer, and I LIKE the Piper!
 #9028  by Phil Laycock
 Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:44 pm
Glad you are having fun with your Luscombe.
Personally I only select L or R tank when flying, plenty of discussion on here and elsewhere about both on or singular selection.
Trim does run out for approach speed, which is a pity but you get used to it


Phil C-90 powered Luscombe 8F
 #9030  by Florian
 Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:34 pm
finn wrote:One difference between my 8F and others seems to be the fuel selector switch--- I just have a switch for each tank in the kick panel at the driver and passengers outside feet.
Flip em both off after shut down and both on before engine start.
No problems with running on both tanks.

I did that on my first flights, too. But the prop wash forced into the right hand fuel vent and pushed the air out of the left. After half an hours all 12 gal on the right side were gone and the the left inner wing and fuselage were soaked in fuel.

Actually I don't know if there are different fuel vents. But just for comparability I do have these little tubes sticking up from the fuel cap and are bend forward.

If you don't leak fuel in your plane I don't know what might be against flying on both tanks simultaneously. Maybe you even have some sort of on-way-valve which I don't have.

 #9036  by Nige
 Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:52 am
Hi Finn,
Just a couple of subtle additions; try not hold full back stick when doing the ground checks or even full power checks, this places a very heavy load on the tail leaf spring. If a lot of power is beng used when taxing by all means use full back stick but it shouldn't be necessary once stationary. As the Strongberg is susceptible to carb icing the last vital action before t/o you may wish to consider is the application of carb heat - generally I leave it on (applied) operating from grass from power checks until I have lined up. Poor surface, dust, Tarmac etc, one should have it closed (not applied) until lined up. These are mainly, but not limited to, Late Spring, early Autumn and Winter operations. Very easy to fill the Venturi with ice whilst waiting to t/o - a matter of 10 seconds... Have fun.

 #9037  by Barry
 Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:23 pm
As I've mentioned in the technical thread under "lean cut"

I've watched fuel push out the lower cap vent one time when the pilot left both fuel valves on during a formation turn. Mine is placarded for single tank only operation. I've also heard the stromburg automatically leans to 5000'. Additionally, if you lack egt/cht probes, I've always heard to only lean in proportion to your checking account balance, as engine repairs and forced landings may be in your future. Seems like wisdom to me.

8F C-90

This is not a cessna fuel system, and a low wing with both fuel selectors on will push fuel out, as I said, its placarded against dual tank operations, very clear, "single tank only". I'm not sure what is to be gained by dual tank operation, but I think we all know what can be lost by a fuel starved engine when you're not expecting it.
 #9055  by Florian
 Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:38 am
finn wrote:Trim seems to be a bit wonky tho'.
May have to work on that. I run out of trim before I reach a good attitude for the final approach and have to hold it manually to get below 70mph.
Is that normal?

Actually I do fly my downwind leg with about 2000 to 2100 RPM and trim for that. Usually I get around 80MPH or so and it gives me plenty of time to execute the landing check and start the approach. Abeam the numbers I reduce to 1500 RPM and start pulling back for 65-70MPH. Because the elevator is so light I usually don't trim aft anymore. An advantage is that I am closer to and approriate setting in case of a go around. If I apply full power I recognized and good pitch up tendency and every bit nose down trim might help in the end. But of clourse once i established positive rate of climb I retrim. I I do prceed with my landing I leave the trim where it was since beginning the decend. And my very personal rule is at least during final not to messaround with stuff in the cockpit what could distrect me from executing a proper landing.

Greeting from rainy Germany...

 #9060  by Nige
 Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:04 pm
On the factory 8E/F's you may find that these models will stabilise around 70 MPH with full aft trim on the go around anyway (with the standard trim tab) but NOT the A's. The A has a much more reaward c of g.
Good airmanship/flying practice dictates that you should be suitably trimmed for the go around and/or take off. :wink: happy flying!

 #9172  by Jeff Smith
 Tue May 10, 2016 8:25 am

I have been reading this thread with interest, as I have been looking at a Luscombe with twin wing tanks, and was surprised to find that it had individual fuel valves for each tank on the left & right kick panels. I assumed this must have been an error during the rebuild, as it seems illogical to have a switch on the passengers side, where it cannot be easily operated by the pilot. Although it pains me to say it, I feel this is a rare poor design feature from Luscombe.
 #9173  by Nige
 Tue May 10, 2016 9:52 am
Hi Jeff. Good luck with your purchase. Looks nice on the photos? Which engineer is going to inspect it for you? I can supply the no of mine if you need it?
Yes, the fuel tap/selector can be down there or, in the case of my 8E, in the centre, at the base of the console, within easy reach as all of them should be. Most awkward your type. Quite easy to convert though. Good luck with t all. :)

 #9174  by Jeff Smith
 Thu May 12, 2016 11:51 am
Thanks Nige

It's early day yet, so the purchase, it it happens, isn't imminent. I'm enjoying flying the Bolkow, (although it is quite challenging) but I miss my Luscombe, and no other type seems to tick all the boxes in the way a Luscombe does. I had thought of buying a 4-seater, but on balance the economy of operating a vintage two-seater makes more sense. My Luscombe wanted advert on here failed to generate any response.

I'll be quick to post on here if anything develops.
 #9283  by 02B
 Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:13 am
Hi Jeff,

I have the checklist that I made up for my 8F in a word file that you could modify as you see fit but it is complete with airspeeds, EP's etc. I folded in half for front and back and laminated. If you send me your email I'll send it to you.